I. Information and preambule

The eCommerce website langerman-jewels.com (hereinafter called as "Site") is owned by Langerman Jewels SPRL (hereinafter also referred to as "We" or “Us”).

Through this Site, we offer our users the possibility to purchase jewels embellished with diamonds (hereinafter called "Products"). Sales made through the Site are exclusively reserved for any individual consumer who acquires the Products for his exclusive personal use (hereinafter called "You").

These general terms and conditions govern all offers, sales, purchases and other generally unspecified operations as well as - more generally - the contractual relationship between You and Us.

II. Company details

Langerman Jewels SPRL
Pelikaanstraat 62, 2018 ANTWERP (BELGIUM)
Company number: BE 0829.770.464
Bank account number: BE49 6740 0000 6371 – ABNABE2AIDJ
Tel. : +32 (0)3 225 00 28 - de 10h à 17h (GMT + 1).
E-mail address: contact@langerman-jewels.com

III. Content of the offer

We offer jewels embellished with diamonds, namely gold (18 carats) or platinum with natural diamonds. Our Products are handmade in Antwerp and exclusively made to order. Therefore, you have the possibility to design a “custom” jewel because We provide You the freedom to choose:

  • The color of gold
  • The color of diamonds
  • The size of diamonds
  • The inscription of a personal message through laser

The key characteristics of each Product are described in the corresponding pages of the electronic catalogue in this Site.
The offer referred to herein is offered to all countries.

IV. Certificates and diamonds

We provide an expert report on authenticity for all our Products.

For Products with a minimum diamond size of 0.30 carat, You can - upon request - receive a certificate from an independent gemology laboratory (such as IGI, GIA, HRD, EGL), which bears a unique reference number, and describes the following characteristics of the diamond such as: shape, size, measurements, carat weight, color grade, color origin and color distribution.

The clarity grade will not be included unless You specifically ask for this, which is common practice for certification of natural color diamonds.

Such a certificate has to be requested at the time of the order, unless the diamond is already certified, and demands between 1 to 10 weeks of additional delay. The issuance of this certificate is made against a lump sum of 150 USD all taxes included for a GIA certificate, and 80 USD all taxes included for a IGI, HRD or EGL certificate.

All diamonds offered for sale on the Site comply with the Kimberley Process.

V. Online order

You may browse through the different Products offered for sale on the Site.

When You place your first order, You will need to create an account by choosing a password and by filling in your details in order for the Product to be delivered in the best conditions. On this occasion, We will provide You with a customer reference number.

We commit to keeping all personal data (surname, first name, private/delivery address, phone number, possible allergies and e-mail address) strictly confidential (see below article XIII).

You will then be able to select the various Products you are interested in, and confirm this selection by clicking on the box " Add to my basket ".

Any new addition to your basket will be confirmed by showing a specific screen.

At any time You may :

  • get a summary of the Products You have already selected by clicking on "Add to cart ",
  • end your selection of Products and order these by clicking on "Check out ".

The order is registered only after the information provided is confirmed as true and valid. The acceptance of the order is irrevocable after clicking on the button " Order with an Obligation to Pay ".

The Site acknowledges receipt of the order as quickly as possible by sending an email detailing the pre-contractual information as well as the purchases made. This confirmation is made by sending an e-mail to the electronic address given by You at the time of placement of the order.

We will contact You personally by e-mail when your order is ready and we will send You the shipping details.

VI. Price, payment and security

Subject to the terms of payment of the VAT (see in the following article VII), the price quoted at the end of the ordering process is a total price, including all costs and taxes.

The price is shown in USD ($) and EUR (€).

Only payments made in USD ($) or in EUR (€) are accepted.

We cannot be held responsible for mistakes or inaccuracy of the currency converter device nor for any difference that might occur between the estimated total amount of your order and the invoiced amount due to exchange rates applied by Your credit card operator or other payment means.

Prices can be adjusted on the Site based on exchange rates or fluctuations in the price of gold.

The payment is due immediately at the time of the order.

In the event of non-payment, we have the right, subject to legal restrictions, to charge you the justified costs that have been previously specified.

Payment can be fulfilled by different means:

  • via Stripe/ PayPal / Apple / Google Pay. In this instance, your order will be dealt with after due authorization from the online payment service system.

We have opted exclusively for a method of payment by credit card via the secure payment systems Stripe / PayPal / Apple / Google Pay which allow to encrypt all your information exchanged during the online payment operation via the Site.

All credit cards are accepted by the Site.

  • by transfer on our bank account. In this case, the Product ordered will only be shipped after reception of the full payment. It is therefore advisable to make the payment as fast as possible.
  • By calling by telephone our Customer service: +32 (0)3 225 00 28 - From 10 am to 5 pm (GMT +1).
  • By email: contact@langerman-jewels.com
  • By mail : Langerman, 62 Pelikaanstraat, B-2018 Antwerp, Belgium.
  • The Site also accepts payment in Bitcoins. The amount to pay in Bitcoins will be calculated using the conversion rate to USD ($) at the time of the purchase.

The Site will establish an invoice. You are requested to provide a postal address for sending the invoice.


Unless otherwise mentioned, all prices mentioned on the Site exclude the value added tax. At the time of shipment, however, the selling price may be increased as follows:

Shipment in Belgium : the selling price will be increased by the Belgian value added tax (21%).

Shipment to another EU member state: the selling price will be increased by the appropriate value added tax.

Shipping to other countries outside the European Union: the selling price is exclusive of value added tax. However, beware of the fact that most countries apply border and/or local taxes to the delivery. You are required to pay these taxes. It is also your responsibility to declare this import in order to conform to the laws and regulations applicable in your country of residence.

VIII. Delivery and shipping costs

We make all and every reasonable effort to deliver the Products in a timely manner. Shipping takes place from our headquarters in Antwerp and delivery is made to your home

In case our Products are made-to-measure and by hand, a delivery time of 20 working days is to be expected. However, depending on the model, the Product could be delivered within 7 to 20 days.

Unless you have agreed to otherwise, the delivery will take place no later than within 20 working days after the order is placed.

The Products are delivered to the delivery address You indicated during the ordering process.

The transporter will only hand the products over to You against an official document proving your identity and the signature for reception of a shipping note. If the payment has been made by using a credit card, You, for your own security, will be asked to show your credit card and/or identity card or a photocopy. Moreover, in this eventuality, the delivery will only be made if and when the delivery address is identical to your address.

Deliveries are made all over the world.

They are executed by Malca Amit, an international organization specialized in the transportation and handling of values: Malca Amit, 30 Hoveniersstraat, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium - T. +32 3 234 19 34.

The packaging bears no written mention of its origins, so that its delivery remains confidential and secured.

Shipments with Malca Amit are insured at our intervention until the moment You take it into your custody.

In order to ensure its perfect and secured state during the shipment, all Products are carefully placed into a special box and protected by sealed packages.

IX. Liability, force majeure and guarantee

We shall not be responsible in case of inconvenience or damages attributable to or stemming from the use of the Internet, in particular interruption of service, an external intrusion, the presence of computer viruses, the fraudulent use of a debit or credit card.

We shall also not be responsible in case the non-execution or the bad execution of an Order is attributable to You.

In no way can We be held responsible for delays in the fulfilment of an Order nor for not executing it if the delay or non-execution is a consequence of a technical reason or any other reasons beyond our control. In these circumstances, We are allowed to reasonably postpone the transport and the delivery or to simply cancel any pending Order.

We guarantee that the delivered Product conforms to the accompanying expert report issued by Us and, if applicable, the diamond certificate.

In accordance with article XII, You are required to perform an inspection at the time of delivery. A possible claim must be made in accordance with article XII.

Pictures used for the presentation of the proposed Products are not contractual and may in no way engage the responsibilities of the Site. They constitute simple product simulations.

Moreover, the documents linked to the Products are given indicatively and are not contractual. In this sense, to the extent that our jewels are handmade, beware of the fact that their size as well as the size of the diamonds could differ somewhat from the descriptions provided on our Site.

We will not accept nor give a guarantee for claims of dissatisfaction based on the color of the diamonds or description of the Product.

No claim will be accepted nor any guarantee can be given beyond what is stated under article XII.

Guarantees as defined above are restrictive and replace any other guarantee whether implicit or explicit.

X. Consumer rights and withdrawal period

Any purchase made on our Site, will, in principle, be irrevocable, subject to the rules of non-conformity (see article XII).

Beware of the fact that You are not authorized, in accordance with Article VI.53 of the Code of Economic Law, to exercise your right of withdrawal for Products:

that have been manufactured according to your specifications

that are clearly personal in nature

whose price is linked to fluctuations in the financial market over which we have no control.

Our products are generally made-to-measure, You will - in the majority of the cases - have no right of withdrawal.

However, if one of our Products does not meet one of the aforementioned exceptions, You have, in accordance with Article VI.47 of the Code of Economic Law and European Law, for the purchase of Products, the possibility to terminate the agreement without giving any reason, for a period of fourteen (14) days. This period of reflection begins no later than the day You (or a person representing You and previously designated and appointed by You) receive the Product.

During the period of reflection, You must exercise all necessary precautions when manipulating the Products and its accessories. You must unpack or use the Product within the limits of what is necessary to be able to judge whether You wish to keep it or not. In case You choose to exercise your right of withdrawal, You will need to return the Product and its accessories at the same time (original of the delivered certificate, packaging, case, instructions leaflet ...) accompanied by a copy of your order and the original invoice of purchase and, in the case where it is reasonably executable, in their original condition and packaging.

You must inform Us - by means of a model form - of your wish to exercise your right of withdrawal and notify it within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the Product. When You have notified your wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, You must return the Product within fourteen (14) days. You must be able to prove that the goods delivered have been returned on time. We will refund You – using the same means of payment, unless otherwise agreed - within the next fourteen (14) days of notification as well, the price of the Product without prejudice to the application of the terms as mentioned under Article XI. However, the condition of this refund is that We have already received the returned Product or that You can provide proof of full return of the Product.

After expiry of the periods mentioned in the previous paragraphs, your purchase will be irrevocable.

This measure is applicable to any consumer who is protected by a similar legal protection in his country of residence.

You will find the model withdrawal form by clicking on the following link: French Dutch

XI. Return terms

Returns made in application of article X here above will only be accepted and reimbursed or exchanged if our specialists confirm that the Product conforms with the Product that has originally been shipped, without any damage, modification or intervention of any kind in order to assess the preservation of the Product of any kind.

Any Product shipped back incomplete, damaged or soiled will in no circumstances be accepted.

If You make use of your right of withdrawal as described in article X, the costs for shipping back are of your own responsibility, as well as the costs engendered by the depreciation of the Product resulting from manipulations other than those required to establish its nature, its characteristics and its conformity. In order to establish the nature, characteristics and conformity of a Product, You must only manipulate and inspect the Product in the same way as would be allowed in a store.

The address for shipping back is: Langerman SPRL, 62 Pelikaanstraat, B-2018 Antwerp, Belgium. The return shipment is made under your responsibility if you do not make use of the transporter recommended by the Site (Malca Amit, Hoveniersstraat 30, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium, Tel: +32 32341934, e-mail: customerservice.anr@malca-amit.com.

If payment has been made through online payment service systems as mentioned under article VI, the costs incurred by the Site in the form of payment commission will be deducted from the reimbursed amount.

If you have paid in Bitcoins, the reimbursement will be made using the conversion rate to USD ($) at the time of reimbursement, not at the time of the purchase. The refund will be done in the currency in which the Product was priced. Any required currency conversion during the refund process will be calculated at a spot rate determined by BitPay, following the guidelines found here: https://bitpay.com/bitcoin-exchange-rates.

XII. Claims and after-sales service

You may send your questions and complaints by e-mail to the following e-mail address X or by mail to the address mentioned in point II.

It is imperative that you verify the package and the Product at the time of the delivery. If at the time of the delivery you notice any visible damage, you have to notify the transporter by making a written note on the shipping note before signing for reception, of which failure shall result in non-acceptance of a claim.

In case of a non-compliant Product, You must notify Us within a reasonable time and at the latest within two (2) months from the day you discovered the defect and may request the replacement of Products or the refund of their price. After this period, no claim shall be admissible. In addition, for any claim after a period of six (6) months from delivery, You will have to demonstrate that the lack of conformity existed at the time of delivery.

The common legal warranties apply.

However, any guarantee is excluded in case of negligence on your part or in case of a force majeure event.

The introduction of a protest or complaint does not relieve You of your payment obligation.

If by extraordinary circumstances, You do not receive the delivery within 5 working days of reception of the email of confirmation of the shipment of the Product or Products, You are required to inform us as soon as possible.

In the particular case where the size of the Product proves to be unsuitable under circumstances that are foreign to Us, We agree to adjust the Product without prejudice to claim additional charges.

XIII. Privacy policy

In the context of the creation of your customer account and the use of the Site, and especially in the case of orders placed through the Site, You may be required to provide us with personal data concerning You.

You are informed that we process this personal data within the meaning of the Belgian regulations (Law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data) and European regulations (Regulation (EU) ) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC ). In this respect, We act as the data controller.

The purpose of the processing is to fulfill Langerman Jewels SPRL's obligations under the agreement entered into with You, in particular to enable the management of orders and billing but also to improve the customer experience (providing personalized services and improving the relevance of the information addressed).

You are informed, at the time of collection of your personal data, that the transmission of this data is mandatory for the purpose of providing the services stipulated in the agreement. In this case, You are informed that the absence of transmission of this data may hinder the fulfilment of the agreement, including the normal processing of orders (delivery, billing, etc.).

You are informed that your personal data may be transmitted to third parties contractually bound to Langerman Jewels SPRL, these third parties having the quality of subprocessors within the meaning of the Belgian legislation and the European regulation on the protection of personal data.

In accordance with the Belgian legislation and the European regulation on the protection of personal data, You have a right of access to your personal data, a right to rectify or erase your personal data, a right to limit the processing of your data, a right to object to the processing of your data, as well as a right to the portability of your data.

You may exercise these rights with Langerman Jewels SPRL, the data controller, by writing to the address contact@langerman-diamonds.com stating your last name, first name, e-mail address and customer reference, and attaching a copy of a document proving a valid identity. We reserve the right to use the disclosed personal data for statistical purposes, in an anonymized form, to improve our service and that of our partner brands.

You expressly agree that your personal data will be collected by clicking on the button "I AGREE THAT MY PERSONAL DATA ARE COLLECTED" located at the end of this menu. Otherwise, We will consider that You refuse the processing of your data and You will be unable to proceed to payment of your purchases.

XIV. Piece of evidence

The computerized files recorded in the information system belonging to the Site in reasonably secured conditions are the pieces of evidence for any communication, orders and payments occurring between You and Langerman SPRL.

The filing of the purchase orders and the invoices is made on a reliable and durable support that can be used as piece of evidence.

XV. Cookies

Our Site uses cookies. A cookie is a small computer file (text file) stored on the hard disk of the computer or on the memory of the mobile terminal used by You when consulting the Site. Most of the cookies registered while browsing the Site are either necessary for the functioning of the Site or intended to allow or facilitate your navigation.

Our policy of use of cookies is the subject of a specific page, accessible here.

XVI. Property risk

The transfer of property of the Product for your profit, will only be completed after full payment of the Price, regardless of the delivery date of said Product.

On the other hand, the transfer of risk of loss or damage of the Product is made at the moment the Product is delivered and its reception of said Product by You. The date shown on the shipping note provides evidence for the date of delivery.

XVII. Intellectual property

The Site and all of its elements are protected by intellectual property rights. They are the exclusive property of Langerman SPRL.

In addition, We remain the full owner of all intellectual property rights concerning our Products, including the copyright by which our creations are protected.

The use of the actual Site is reserved for personal use. Any public reproduction or communication of texts, pictures or any material disseminated on the Site is strictly forbidden without prior written authorization from Langerman SPRL.

Any hyperlink referring directly to this Site must be the subject of a prior express authorization on its part.

You agree to respect our intellectual property rights.

You acknowledge that nothing in this agreement shall imply any assignment or grant of intellectual property rights and other rights such as the granting of a license for your benefit.

XVIII. Termination

Without prejudice to the right to damages, We are entitled to terminate the agreement, even if it has already been partially executed, at any time, in case of substantial non-compliance with your contractual obligations. This clause is, moreover, reciprocal.

XIX. General

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice, it being understood that such changes will not apply to orders previously accepted and confirmed by You.

The invalidity of any provision of these terms and conditions shall not affect the validity of the other provisions and shall not entail their invalidity.

XX. Acceptance of the general terms

By calling for or using our services or by ordering and/or entering into any kind of agreement, You irrevocably accept having received a copy of the present terms and that these can be used as evidence against you. Moreover, You accept their implementation without any restriction and accept the application, to the exclusion of all the rest.

These general terms may change in the future. You tacitly accept each and any of these amendments by going on using and visiting the Site langerman-jewels.com. You are required to regularly get acquainted with amendments to the general terms.

We invite you to read the terms and conditions and accept them by clicking on the button "I HAVE READ AND AGREED TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS" located at the end of this menu and after having completed the menu in order to continue your purchase. Failing to do this, shall result in you being unable to pay your purchases.

The fact that you are unable to read the general conditions of langerman-jewels.com in your mother tongue does not exempt You of their application. The general conditions are offered in​ English and French.

By a purchase from this Site, You declare that You have the full legal capacity to do so.

In case of non-compliance with these terms and conditions, We reserve the right to delete your customer account without notice and without You being able to demand any compensation.

XXI. Applicable law and competent tribunal

Only Belgian law is applicable to these terms and conditions, to any agreement entered into between You and Langerman Jewels SPRL, as well as to the legal consequences that follow from it, even if You reside elsewhere.

All disputes between You and Langerman Jewels SPRL fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels notwithstanding the plurality of defendants or warranty claim, even if You reside elsewhere.

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